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Following the successful installation of a 3,000 litre solar heated hot water system at FL Smidth Buffalo’s new change houses in June of 2013, Solupro Renewable Energy were once more appointed to conduct the replacement of the establishment’s existing conventional hot water source at the company’s alternate change house. In September of 2014, Solupro Renewable Energy implemented and commissioned a 3,000 litre solar heated hot water system. The satisfactory completion comprised the configuration of one 3,000 litre industrial hot water storage vessel to which a solar array of 16 x 2m² flat plate solar collectors – assembled on aluminium collector stands manufactured by Solupro Renewable Energy – were retrofitted.  The Management and staff of Solupro Renewable Energy pride ourselves on this event of recurring clientele, and undertake to maintain, if not improve, on the delivery of appraised service.



Having harboured sincere optimisms of gaining such large scale project appointment after tendering for the hot water works at the developing Maseve Mine in Rustenburg, Solupro Renewable Energy was awarded the contract in March of 2014. A combined implementation totalling the supply, installation and commissioning of 91,600 litres of hot water for the establishment’s change houses shall comprise three phases:

  1. North Change House shall be equipped with 5 x 10’000 litre hot water vessels and a total of 10 x 50kW industrial heat pumps;
  2. Plant Change House shall be equipped with 1 x 1’600 litre hot water vessel and one 24.5kW Heat Pump, and
  3. South Change House shall be equipped with 4 x 10’000 litre hot water vessels and a total of 8 x 50kW industrial heat pumps. 

Works have commenced and administrative submissions and compliance have concluded in September of 2014; site works shall continue from September of 2014 until February of 2015.  The award of such significant contract serves as quiet commendation for continual commitment to professional approach and commitment to honouring our undertaking of project appointments.

Accredited by Eskom on the Solar Water Heating Rebate Programme