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SA Commercial or Industrial System is classified as any setup where standard residential products are not applied, but where industrial units and custom configurations are designed to suit the purpose of large scale application. In conclusion, typical commercial and/or industrial sites would make use of hot water boilers exceeding capacities of 500 liters.

Commercial and Industrial systems may qualify for an Eskom Standard Product of Standard Offer rebate. The scope of these initiatives include that water heaters, lighting and showerheads be replaced with energy efficient alternative technologies. An Eskom Standard Product and/or Standard Offer may only be registered once for any premises, and therefore it is advisable that such project be approached to encompass all the afore stated systems. The protocol requires that:

  • Metering be conducted in order to determine what the actual average electricity unit consumption over a set period constitutes;
  • The data gained from metering, along with the existing equipment’s capacity alongside the renewable technology which the service provider intends to the replace it with, be captured into a purpose programmed calculator to determine –
    • the nature of the project: Standard Product or Standard Offer;
    • the load factor;
    • the load saving; and
    • the rebate offered.

Solupro Renewable Energy offers the following services to the commercial and industrial sectors:

  • Consultation, needs analysis and consumption metering;
  • Supply & installation of solar water heaters and heat pumps;
  • Replacement of non-energy efficient lighting with Eskom’s acknowledged energy efficient lighting products;
  • Rebate claim assistance post installation; and
  • Annual system maintenance agreements for solar water heaters and heat pumps.
Accredited by Eskom on the Solar Water Heating Rebate Programme