Solupro (Pty) Ltd. specializes in Instrumentation, Electrical and AS-i Field bus design installation, implementation and support.

Our emphasis is based on providing highly trained and qualified personnel with deliverables of sound quality with a high level of efficiency.

The vision of the company is to provide as complete a service as possible in the design and project environment and to build long term relationships with clients in order to provide a continually improving service.

Solupro (Pty) Ltd. acts as Integrator for the IFM range of products, including:

  • position sensors;
  • process sensors;
  • object recognition;
  • diagnostic;
  • identification; and
  • networking and control systems with specific emphasis on the AS-i fieldbus systems.

Solupro (Pty) Ltd. offers tailored systems to serve purpose specific needs.

Our internal capability allows for:

  • the design and manufacturing of electrical starter and control panels;
  • manufacturing of mild steel powder coated back plates internally to house the field I/O modules
  • conveyor and plant automation for clients like Xstrata, Aquarius and SAB and are currently the O.E.M for Xstrata, Aquarius.
ifm space Aquarius Platinum
Xstrata SAB Miller


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